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Spreading separated manure

In practice you see that cutted straw or sawdust
are increasingly being replaced by
horse manure, separated manure, or a mix of cutted straw, lime and water.
To be able to spread these products properly, Agri-com is introducing a new type of hopper.
This hopper is equipped with a horizontal mixer and a rotor on the right-hand side.
The advantage of a rotor is that the product enters the cubicle evenly and "airy".
The horizontal mixer ensures an even release of the hopper, which is certainly important for heavy products. This hopper is standard placed on a self-propelled driver that is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine and that can  load itself.
As an option, this spreader can be equipped with a hydraulic manure scraper and / or a rotating brush.
The weight of the machine is ± 1000 kg and can therefore run on all types of slatted floors.

First movie : spreading separate manure ,
Second movie : spreading horsemanure ,
Third movie : spreading mix off chopped straw, lime and water